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Logalia’s Logos360 tool – the best solution for your 360-degree Feedbacks, Common Feedbacks, Climate Surveys, Training Plan Surveys and Satisfaction Surveys: 100% custom-made and ensuring the best value for money

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You can forget about all those complex processes and instead dedicate your time to what your business really needs: making the most of the priceless information we will provide you with in the way that best suits your needs, as you’ll be able to tailor these projects 100% to your needs with our help

Expert consultants

Logalia’s consultants are specialised in developing assessment models focused on your business challenges. They will help you measure your workforce’s performance in a clear and concise way


As Logos360 is developed by Logalia ©, you can ask us to implement any kind of modification to our software to adapt it to your needs, as well as an API to integrate with your management platform

Low-Cost Solutions

Whether you are a small business or a large company with a small budget and need us to take care of the whole process, do not hesitate and contact us. We have Low-Cost solutions available

360-Degree Feedback

It will help you draw a clear picture of your entire organisation and enable you to manage its talent in order to help your company meet its business challenges

Climate Surveys

They will help you understand what you need to attract and retain talent

Training Plan Surveys

They will help you easily and clearly identify your company’s training needs

Satisfaction Surveys

They will help identify your employees’ and clients’ satisfaction levels in order to build customer loyalty

Logos360 features:

  • Provided by website browsers as thin clients
  • Independent of the operating system used by your computer or mobile device
  • Application easy to upgrade and maintain, with no need to distribute the software or for potential users to have to install it themselves
  • Free access at any time, from anywhere and using any device, just requiring an Internet connection and login credentials (user and password)
  • Custom model design
  • Goal-setting according to organisational needs
  • Talent assessment. The methodologies supported are:
    • Self-assessment.
    • 80-degree
    • 180-degree
    • 270-degree
    • 360-degree (including agents from outside the organisation)
  • Priority setting depending on the methodology chosen to calculate scores and gaps, taking the organisation’s goals into account
  • Flexible control of survey/assessment periods
  • Action and improvement plan follow-up module
  • Work climate surveys with ENPS methodology
  • Open surveys
  • Job architecture. Supports the creation of the business’ comprehensive organisation chart, including departments, positions and professional category
  • Multi-language
  • Data input
  • 100% customised mailing and notification processes
  • Generation of customised reports
    • Assessment reports for each employee
    • Gap analysis
    • Global reports
    • Segmented climate survey reports
    • Exporting/Importing data from Microsoft Excel® files
  • Besides using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to enable platform access, Logos360 encrypts the stored information according to each user’s password